29 August 2015

Starting August right

August started with a fun visit from Jill, Mark, & Sadie. We were fortunate to host Sadie's 9th birthday celebration at our house, eat good food, do some fun stuff and generally hang out. Kind of how summer should be. We never see enough of these dear people, but hopefully since they are now living in Bozeman, Montana, we will find a way to connect more often. Can't wait to visit their new home, hear about life in Big Sky country, and meet the weasels, deer, and black bears they share their 20 acres with.

24 August 2015

Urban Hike: Carkeek Park via Clay Pit Trail & South Bluff Trail

On the weekend, we made an afternoon of it and set out for a hike in Carkeek Park . . . from home.  We packed a lunch and headed for the park, making a scavenger hunt of it . . . looking for all manner of cat-related statues, signs, and real pets along our way.  After powering up with iced coffees at Swanson's Seasons Cafe (15 minutes in), we picked up the pace and headed down 13th Street to Woodbine Way at which point we saw yet another cat-related land mark -- a sure sign the trail head was close.

We scrambled down the hill on a small path just beyond the fat cat, discovered some blackberries to nibble on, and then headed straight down hill into Carkeek Park on the Clay Pit Trail, arriving in the wetlands meadow.  Wyatt advocated for continuing to the beach to eat the lunch -- pb&js on cinnamon waffles, pop chips, and fresh veggies (what can I say, it's all we had around).

The air quality wasn't great with all the wildfire smoke and haze that has been hovering over Seattle.  But despite the haze, the day was hot with little wind.  No views of the mountains or the blue sky for us, unfortunately.  After lunch and some wandering around the park, we headed home on a different route -- the South Bluff Trail.  This trail climbs more steeply and has a lot of stairs.  We walked right along the Western bluff of the park, high above the train track, resting often so Wyatt could make it under his own power.  The peekaboo views through the trees were nice, and we saw lots of floating seagulls and boats, even if we couldn't spot much else.

We made it back up to Woodbine Way and headed west, weaving back home by way of neighborhood streets in the Blue Ridge neighborhood.  Overall, we hiked for about three and a half hours, and covered a bit over five miles.  I'm proud to say Wyatt hiked all but about a half mile, himself.

20 August 2015

Turning 91

Around here, June and July were super full of new schedules, new camps, and new work opportunities for all of us. With all the happenings, I haven't found time to post about it here yet.

June gave us an opportunity to celebrate Grandpa Herman's 91st birthday, which we did with a small party in the newly finished front yard patio.  Neighbors on our street were invited for Byron's homemade vanilla ice cream and strawberries (mostly from our own garden).

Herman may be the only 91 year old to get a Fitbit for his birthday.  But that's what we got him.  With two walks a day, Herman puts most of us to shame with his regular exercise.  Now he can see his totals: he often walks 17,000 steps in a day -- and 25+ miles a week. Seriously.