05 November 2014

Skagit Valley in October

The month of October seems too short in some ways.  It is the month when fall really gets going  and new kinds of outdoor fun beckons -- pumpkin picking, apple pressing, leaf collecting, doughnut parties, school events . . .  But alas, this October it seemed we didn't have enough weekends to fit everything in.   We did, however, get our "fall fix" when Grandma and Grandpa came to town a couple weeks back.  We ventured to Gordon's Farm in Skagit Valley for a lovely day of pumpkins, apple picking, a picnic, a molasses cookie, and some tractor riding.

17 September 2014

And then fall showed up

It was only three days past Labor Day when I noticed the air started smelling like fall.  Local schools started and so did the sounds of school bells in the distance.  Tomatoes have been pouring out of my garden and local melons are here.  And the colors in the garden are some of my favorites -- red, gold, orange, and blue.  Fall is making its approach. 

We recently had a chance to hike around Discovery Park mid-week when the park felt virtually empty.  I had my camera along and couldn't resist looking for as many seeds and fruits of this transitional season as I could find.  Here's what I saw.


The table is back and better than ever

This summer, Byron decided to rebuild the huge table that lives on our deck.  Originally constructed in 2005 out of salvaged boards and posts from the carport we tore down at our previous home, the table top was getting a little rough and boards were beginning to rot in spots.  He used new cedar boards this time but repurposed the original legs.  The top is coated with a linseed oil finish.  It looks great and hopefully will last for many years to come.

19 August 2014

Having a real summer

Our weather has been hot, quite hot, for much of this Seattle summer.  I'm not complaining.  The hot days and warm nights really make it feel like we have four season here (which is debatable).  We've had a few days where the marine layer hasn't burned off until noon, but most days have been clear and pretty warm.  

For Father's Day, I gave Byron the gift of two weekends each month in June, July, and August, that I promised we would not schedule even one little thing. I knew he would love it.  In truth, I hadn't thought I would like it so much, myself.  But it's been outstanding.  We've had time to do whatever feels like being done.  Putter.  Play at the park.  Go get ice cream.  Make jam.  Read books.  Visit and eat.  It's all good.

For the weekends that we have scheduled things, we've had a blast too.  We spent a very fun 4th of July weekend in the woods camping at Ohanapecosh in Mt. Rainier National Park with friends.  We made it to the Timber Music Festival with Aunt Becky and Uncle Darren.  We met up with my parents at the Oregon Zoo for an afternoon.  We spent four days with dear friends on the Oregon coast in the terrific little town of Manzanita.  We also had an unexpected visit from Cousin Sadie and Aunt Jill, complete with rides on Seattle's Big Wheel, playing at the water park, and making and eating some pretty fabulous food. Last week we had some fun, mid week, with friends on Whidbey.

The point of all this being that our summer has felt like, well, summertime.  Yes, it's been hot.  But it's also been a few months where the holidays and school commitments and appointments haven't owned us.  Where we've chosen the pace and the people.  We're having a real summer, folks!

14 August 2014

Mid week

I spent the last couple days on Whidbey Island hanging out with friends, exploring Ft. Casey, taking walks in the weird August mist and fog that has appeared this week, and learning how to play banana grams. Wyatt came too and also enjoyed spending time with his friend Will, getting to sleep in his sleeping bag (albeit on a bed), and exploring the beach and fort. We were graciously invited to stay at Alumni House West with our friends Carrie and Mark. The house is an old Victorian that was part of Camp Casey back in the early 1900s but now owned by Seattle Pacific University and made available for rental to alumni and faculty of the school. With six or seven bedrooms and a dining room that seats 15, it's a perfect group getaway. I felt lucky to join the fun.

Several ferry rides later we are home, just in time for the weekend. It's good to be me.

10 August 2014

Our nonagenarian

In February, I started planning a big party for the downstairs grandpa -- for his 90th birthday.  The big event came off smoothly over Father's Day weekend.  And now I'm finally getting around to posting some details here. 

We threw him the party in British Columbia, Canada, near the town he had lived for more than 25 years prior to moving to Seattle in 2010.  We invited his family -- including cousins he hadn't seen in 40 years -- and friends, former business associates, parishioners, neighbors, and former colleagues.  All told, we mailed nearly 80 invitations.

We scheduled the hoopla for the day of grandpa's 90th birthday, which was also Father's Day this year. My parents came from Oregon to help us throw the party.  They drove to Seattle, then caravaned up to British Columbia with us to set up, cater, and host the big day.  It was nice to be able to see my dad on Father's Day this year -- although I still feel a little bad that he worked so hard. 

We held the party at the cookhouse on the historic Nicola Ranch outside of Merritt, BC.  We also rented a house at the ranch where we stayed with my mom and dad.  Grandpa stayed in town with some friends.  The little house served us well, although the creatures in the walls kind of freaked me out at night (turned out to be birds).   A large field and playground next door made the smallest among us quite thrilled. 

On the day of the party, relatives (including cousins from Alberta & Washington) and close friends started the festivities by coming for brunch at 10:30.  Toast were made and stories were told.  Pictures taken.  Then a broader group of friends began to arrive for cake and celebration around 1 p.m.  In all, more than 60 people came and went.  It was a busy, festive, and good day.  Grandpa worked the room all day -- loving every minute of it.  Happy 90th Herman!

Byron and his Aunt Lenora.
The kitchen staff -- my mom and dad.

Herman with nieces Vera and Louise.
Herman's cousins and our family.
The Prescotts, who hosted Herman for the weekend.